3D Luna Lantern & Stand

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Our interior designers are loving this lamp! 

Feel as if you are staring up at the moon... Made using a high quality 3-D printing process, the Luna Lantern is like no other because it replicates the rough surface of the real moon!

Perfect as a nightlight, photography prop, or mood lighting. This unique lamp will add a modern and magical touch to any room, and can be moved around with ease since it's cordless! We've even included a FREE geometric wooden stand (pictured) to display your Luna Lantern. 

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Package Includes:

1 3D Printed Luna Lamp
1 Wooden Stand
1 Gift Box
1 Charging Cable
1 2watt (two-shade) LED Light Bulb
1 400mAh Lithium Ion Battery


Additional Details: Luna Lamp can alternate between White Light and a warm Yellow light. Select from 9cm, 12cm, or 15cm diameter lamp sizes. The lamp comes with a charging cord for a 400mAh high-capacity Lithium Ion battery. With a smart charging chip, the charging port will indicate with a red light when it needs charging and the light will go out when the battery is fully charged. This lamp features smart-touch: a short touch on the metal ring on the charging port will switch from White light to Yellow. When touched again the light turns off. A long press on the metal rim will dim/brighten the light. This lamp is made from environmentally friendly PLA material used for 3-D printing. 

Power Source: DC
Wattage: 0-5W
Power Generation: Touch
Is Bulbs Included: Yes
Voltage: 12V